Enjoy the new Genki Gear designs out now!

new designs Nov 2019

Five new designs available across Unisex, Ladies fitted t-shirts and Hoodies.

First up is new Creepy cute design “you have a very pretty face” available in three colours. Next is new DnD inspired “Dabbling in roleplaying games does not lead to devil worship” part of our super £10 range. Then comes the “Chaotic biscuit” design which has an offbeat and fun look at being both chaotic and a biscuit! We can’t forget our “Bloodbath Panda” who has survived so much on this cute but gruesome design. Finally enjoy the new “Kaiju coffee” £10 design where you can enjoy both coffee and giant Japanese monsters!



New Designs links

You have a pretty face

role Playing does not lead to devil worship

Chaotic Biscuit

Bloodbath Panda

Kaiju Coffee





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