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corona update

Covid 19 Update 01/11/2020

We’re still open!- Second lockdown update

As we keep going during these uncertain times, we would like to reassure all our customers that we are here online and are still dispatching website orders.-

However, there are a few differences to our normal day to ensure that everyone stays safe. We are now working in our own home, keeping all areas regularly sanitised. We’re practising social distancing and not accepting visitors. We are also only using our drop and go postage in a more limited capacity so until we are updated on any changes we will only be dispatching orders twice a week plus our guaranteed delivery collection.

Whilst we understand not everyone is in a position to do so, please remember to try to continue supporting small businesses if you can. Your support and all of your comments are what is keeping us going and we hope that we can continue to provide cute and quirky original content to you all whether online or at one of the UK conventions (when we are allowed to return to them hopefully in 2021).

Most importantly though, we would like to say that we hope everyone stays safe and well. Remember these are hard times for many and care and kindness will help everyone to get through. 

Please do stay inside if you possibly can and if you are a Keyworker then you have our sincere and heartfelt thanks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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