Palm Pals Flapjack Stingray Plush


Palm Pals Flapjack Stingray Soft Toy can be seen doodling and painting on the ocean floor. From drawing to painting to pottery, Flapjack can do it all. Their inspiration comes from the colourful reefs and the fish that swim nearby. It is a soft grey and white coloured cute and cuddly toy filled with beans that perfectly fit in your hand.

Palm Pals make great gifts for any occasion, whether it is for a birthday or as a general gift, everyone will fall in love with this adorable Plush toy.

  • Stands at 13 cm’s tall.
  • It is beautifully crafted in fine plush material with embroidered features and is Suitable for all ages
  • Fully safe with all CE Tags!
  • Wash Instructions: Hand Wash, Air Dry
  • Suitable from birth..

Palm Pals part of Aurora’s Eco-Friendly initiative and comes with inner fibre fill and beans made from recycled plastic materials. The hangtags are recyclable with our cloth labels being made from recycled materials.

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