Piu Piu Plush


Piu Piu Soft Toy is an adorable character with a sweet embroidered facial expression. Made from Eco-friendly materials with filling and beans made from recycled plastics which make the plush extremely soft and huggable.

  • Stands at 13 cm’s tall.
  • It is beautifully crafted in fine plush material with embroidered features and is suitable for all ages
  • Fully safe with all CE Tags!
  • Wash Instructions: Hand Wash, Air Dry
  • Molang soft toy comes with a collectible trading card hangtag – featuring an unique character art themed after the plush.

Kind and affectionate Molang and Piu Piu have a unique, instantly recognisable style. They are all about empathy, softness, tenderness and joy. They have no nationality, are ageless and gender-neutral. Molang and Piu Piu care for everyone and everything.  Piu Piu is Molang’s sweet best friend.

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