Does your DM have a sense of Whimsy Women’s fitted T-shirt.


Does your dungeon Master possess a sense of whimsy t-shirt asks the question of your DM!

Being imaginative can be a real chore, why not stick with mundane reality when completing a campaign!

This rather down to earth vision of D&D mastery is a cute and a little gross depiction of when your DM is not so much elves and magic as plumbing and dysentery!

#RolePlayingGames #DnD #Dice

An original Genki Gear design silk screen printed onto a 150gsm quality women’s fitted, Softstyle jersey Knit short sleeved tee.

S :8-10

M :10-12

L :12-14

XL :14-16

XXL: 16-18

Please check our Info page for full measurements for all t-shirts. ref GIL.

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